When it is about air travel, a lot of things can go wrong! Sometimes we initiate the dilemma ourselves by doing things such as packing sloppily (consequence in additional luggage charges) or scheduling a too tight connection (consequence in a missed flight). Listed below are a few common flight travel mistakes that you must avoid to make your journey as smooth as it could be.

Forget To Do Your Packing Homework:

Are you thinking to fly with carry-on baggage only? Well, size limitations differ from one airline to the other. And yes, Houston should be lovely in September, but will there be downpour? What’ll be the temperature at night? Will you require a jacket or wrap?

Check the everyday weather forecast of the destination that you want to travel. Also, check out your airline’s website for baggage info and while checking carry-on limitations, make sure to check out what it’ll cost to check bags, including weight restrictions and the charges if you exceed them.

Having No Plan For Arrival:

Have you any idea where your accommodation will be in relation to the airport? Have you considered your airport transportation options & what it’ll cost to get you to your hotel?

Make sure you know how close your hotel is to the airport.Is it a 10-minutes taxi ride or a fifty minute endeavor? What will be the cab charges? Are charges are metered or fixed, or do you have to agree on a price with the driver before heading out?

Not Checking Immigration Obligations:

There’re still a good number of nations that needs a visa for entry, and several countries need that your passport be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of your entry.

Before your journey, get in touch with the embassy of your destination country & determine its immigration obligations.

Paying High Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fees:

With some credit cards the issuing bank charges foreign transaction fees. Furthermore, there’re bill for having charges converted automatically to U.S. dollars at the point of purchase. Unfortunately, these charges add up very quickly.

Don’t forget to read the fine print of your credit card agreement to know exactly what fees are charged. If there’re several fees or the deductions are high, feel free to look for a credit card with better terms.

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