So the Special Day is finally there! Don’t let the heavenly newly married drive away in a limousine that does not reflect the essence of the Big Day. Wedding limo decorations have come far ahead from the dangling tin cans on the bumper. Listed below are a few creative ideas on how to decorate a beautiful, modern wedding limo.

Hood Bouquet:

The bride & all of her bridesmaids have bouquets. Why don’t you plan a special bouquet for the limousine? Hood mounted flower bouquets will turn a few heads for sure and in addition, it will infuse a personalized to your vehicle. Try to keep it uncomplicated with a V-shaped bouquet that crosses the entire front hood of the limousine, or opt for something a bit more romantic such as a heart-shaped bouquet.

Embellish the Door Handles:

If a large hood bouquet is too vivid for your taste, embellish the door handle of your limo instead. Just affix smaller, vibrant bouquets to each handle to immediately infuse a touch of elegance. These hues of the ribbon and flowers must complement your wedding’s theme, or you can go with a simple, graceful white color. Ensure that the bouquets are tied firmly to the handles & keep the arrangement to a minimum. This will make sure that they can survive the drive.

Flowers Aren’t Compulsory:

Not all wedding limo decorations need to have flowers though a lot of people pursue this unwritten principle without giving it a second thought. You can go flowerless & make use of captivatingly shaped window stickers instead. Also, you can make use of stickers that consists of funny or romantic quotes and ask your decorator to put these stickers in an artistic manner on the windows.

Custom Mirror Frame Cling:

Rather than writing directly on the limo with materials that could possibly damage the look of the vehicle, go for stick-on decals. You can customize them in different ways to convey your message across. This one can show off the couple’s initials, names and wedding date.

Magnetic Banners:

Save yourself the time & effort of making a handcrafted banner that’ll only wave around in the strong wind, or worse, get ruined by unfavorable weather. Magnetic banners are the ideal solutions for incorporating an influential embellishment feature to the wedding limo while being effortless to use and causing no safety risk to other drivers.

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