New Landmark in Galveston; Cruise in Galveston

This November, Royal Caribbean will start building a new cruise terminal in Galveston. Starting in November 2022, the Allure of the Seas will sail from Terminal 3. Style your trip, style your ride, and style your arrival. With GM Limousine Services the best limo services in Galveston and Houston

The beautiful skyline of our beloved Galveston from the water. That is going to look amazing. But sure a little different. It’s changing, and for the better. As work on the third cruise ship terminal at the Port of Galveston’s Pier 10 goes on, The 68-foot-tall building’s front will be made even more impressive. The vertical accent windows have blue mirror panels that sparkle in the light. So, draw attention to the unique Royal Caribbean anchor logo.

This will mark the start of a new day at our port. So, economists have started thinking about the great things it will do for our region’s economy. There will be 400 jobs in building. And there are hundreds of permanent openings in port operations.

Will be done by this fall. So, the building work that started in the summer of 2018 will be done in 2022. A record amount of time to make such a big project. The magnums and the jaw-dropping opening ceremony are coming up soon.

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An Endearing Partnership

$125 million is the estimated cost of this project. Collaboration between Royal Caribbean International, Ceres Terminal Holdings, LLC. And also, as the Galveston Wharves. Above all, this marvelous landmark will stand high. And spread across a 161,300-square-foot terminal. Over the 10 acres across the far eastern area of the port.

Recently Royal Caribbean gave a glimpse of the spectacular interior design spiraling. The tropical vibrant colors give it a very lively feel. And the real magic happens when the sunlight flirts with the colors. The terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. On the other hand, which includes facial recognition and mobile check-in. To speed up boarding/lodging and debarking/landing/ offboarding. Therefore, the most impressive and appreciative initiative in line. With the port’s Green Marine ingenuity. Committed to designing the terminal to meet LEED. Whereas LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is certification standard. Are you not excited to visit the grand opening? And the distinctive moment in the history of our region? If your answer is yes, then we have a great ride for you. Travel in style with GM Limousine Services. The best limo services in Galveston and Houston.

On the other hand, the noticeable and a noteworthy $20 million is being invested in the improvements. Such as internal roadways and passages, utilities/basic commodities, and remodeling/landscaping. And most the exquisite cruise parking areas. The super designed parking lot. That could hold and host 1,550 vehicles on any given day. therefore it will be a new revenue source for this amazing architectural wonder. Whereas, The Royal Caribbean port, is a self-sustaining city entity.

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Why Choose GM Limousine Services

Pick GM Limousine Services – the best Limousine service in Houston and Galveston. Meanwhile, witness the 80-year-old pile-supported wharf reused. Therefore, the new cruise terminal which has a budget of $4.5 million deployed at Pier 10. Pier improvements, the cost estimated to be $15 million by the port. And Royal Carrabin. The renovation and remodeling will also include docking and birthing and tie-up structures. To accommodate one of the world’s largest cruise ships, my God. Isn’t it exciting on a whole new level? We are going crazy and the hype amongst the crowd is enormous.

It has ensured that it’s not only a remarkable place when it opens. But should also operate later on and shine throughout and remain a site to see. Which is well managed and operated throughout its life. But to ensure that, Ceres Terminals Holdings, LLC was selected. Firstly, for the operation of the terminal and support cruise-related operations. Secondly, along with stevedoring, passenger help, luggage services, and provisioning. And thirdly, de-provisioning of the cargo and cruise ships.

Ceres is an international company. Therefore, has a high reputation in the market. With their 60 years of experience in shipping, cargo, and cruise operations. Therefore, trusted to be operational. Therefore, support partners for this beautiful project.

Project design, structure building, and operative planning and execution phases are going. Appreciation for the essence of teamwork. Among the port Royal Caribbean, Ceres, the city of Galveston staff, and ship pilots. And the International Longshoremen’s Association. Trust me when we say and recommend you to not only visit the inauguration. But also visit the construction of this great infrastructure. It could be a perfect day trip. Book GM Limousine services – the best limousine service in Houston and Galveston area. We ensure your comfort and smooth transition. From pickup to site and site to back to the destination.

More about Allure of the Seas 

Taking a Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship to a cruise port in North America. Our very own Galveston is the driver for the new terminal. The allure of the Seas will host 5,400 passengers. With world-class dining and entertainment.

It is anticipated that it will draw and attract cruise passengers. From around the U.S. to Galveston as both a cruise and vacation destination. This will give a boost to local tourism. And the economic and financial development of the region. Galveston is going to be the home for the 3000+ crew members. And their families their home away from home. Indulging in spending, banking, and feasting in Galveston when the ship is in port.

The Allure is set to say for 7-night Caribbean routes. , the port is home-based to Royal Caribbean’s Unconventionality of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. The largest cruise ship imported/ homeported at Galveston, Texas’s only port.

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The port is bringing a lot of opportunities for locals. And attracting businesses and leisure opportunities. This is your chance to celebrate the new prosperity, new opportunity, and growth. Or chill out relax and take a break from your hectic routine. Or may take your special ones for a memorable trip to the new port. But do not forget to pick your most trusted travel partner GM Limousine services. Committed to serving you with the best of comfort. And luxury without being a pocket kill.

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