During normal times, more than 3.6 million Americans miss or postpone medical care because of transportation obstacles. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), transportation to pharmacies, doctor appointments, lab visits and other kinds of routine care for the transportation-disadvantages, aims to decrease this barrier.

During the present pandemic situation, movement has slowed as people shelter in place. Still, people have to get non-emergency but essential medical attention, including chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, and parental care visits.

What’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

You should look for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Houston when you need medical attention but don’t have a means of getting there. You may face many obstacles to reach a doctor’s office or a hospital on your own. Maybe your driving license was cancelled due to vision issues. Or perhaps you don’t have access to a private car, or have a disability which stops you from driving to a healthcare provider.

Regardless of the reason, NEMT gives flexibility & options when you’ve to visit a hospital or doctor’s clinic. They can arrange prompt transportation from your home to a nursing home or a medical facility. Houston Medical Transportation can be very useful when you’ve a check-up, need vaccinations or made a doctor’s appointment. If you have any emergency, it is recommended to call 9-1-1 to have an ambulance & competent professionals to address your non-emergency medical needs.

NEMT providers transport individuals to & from appointments. They use wheelchair vans & other specialized vehicles keeping in mind your disability or needs.

Why NEMT services are so critical?

NEMT services make sure you’ve access to the care you require. These services are not just meant for the elderly people, you can also access these services if you dwell in a rural province where you’ve to travel far to get medical attention. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is also helpful for individuals with illness such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and type-1 diabetes. Moreover, these transportation services can be a vital tool if you don’t have friends or relatives who can drive you to & from doctor’s office.

NEMT service can make the difference between good & poor health. A recent report from American Hospital Associated has highlighted the significance of health and transportation. The report accentuated the effects of excessive transportation-associated expenses & lengthy travel times on healthcare access. High transportation costs & other obstructions have prevented people from looking for medical attention, consequence in poor health & socioeconomic concerns.

With 24/7 access to NEMT services, communities can improve their health profile and make sure vulnerable people get immediate medical attention. Also, these services have been found to be very useful in preserving senior independence. Look no further if you are looking for non-emergency Medical Transportation in Houston during this COVID time. GM Limousine Services can help if you or a loved one require dependable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Houston. We provide fitting pick-up & comfortable transportation services when you require something that is wheelchair accessible or just a normal ride. Call GM Limousine Service now at (832) 576-3910.